SASS and Sled Island!

SASS is thrilled to announce we’ll be hosting a panel on safer spaces during Sled Island! June 23rd, 5pm at Theatre Junction Grand. ALSO: The Calgary Sexual Health Centre will lead a safer spaces workshop on June 24th, 4pm. Come chat with us!

The Society for the Advocacy of Safer Spaces (SASS) was formed in response to the conversations surrounding the discrimination, harassment and violence against vulnerable populations in the music community. The purpose of SASS is to help create safer spaces by providing resources, advocacy and education to Calgary’s arts community.
This panel will be a discussion about the challenges in creating safer spaces with a specific focus on the role of gender. Some participants include: Cari Ionson, Sexual Violence Response Awareness Coordinator for Mount Royal University, Emily Ophus, Community Programs Manager for the Calgary Sexual Health Centre, Bree Gardner, LGBTQ Rights Activist, and Sarah Adams, Comedian, arts advocate and SASS co-founder.…/creating-safer-spaces-discussio…

WORKSHOP – June 24 4PM
Creating Safer Spaces (Presented by the Society for the Advocacy of Safer Spaces (SASS)
Calgary Sexual Health Centre will lead a one hour workshop to start the conversation about what we can all do to create safer spaces. We will discuss the basics on how to respond to someone disclosing an experience of sexual assault, as well as how to be an active bystander. Participants in this workshop can expect to leave with some tools to address conflict, clarify boundaries, and understand the role that bystanders can play.
Facilitated by: Emily Ophus- Community Programs Manager & Chelsea Kelba- Training Centre Coordinator…/creating-safer-spaces-workshop