What is SASS (Society for the Advocacy of Safer Spaces)?

  • A collective of community members like you. That’s right –  SASS is a group of volunteers from an array of backgrounds and identities. You can be a volunteer too!
  • We want to help put an end to racism, discrimination and sexual crimes in Calgary music festivals and venues
  • We seek to increase safety for vulnerable groups, including but not limited to women and members of the LGBTQ2+ and multicultural communities

What does SASS do?

  • Develops a code of conduct for safer spaces
  • Educates and empowers venues to make their spaces safer for vulnerable and at-risk groups
  • Offers safer spaces workshops to venues
  • Audits venues and provides recommendations to help make their spaces safer
  • Facilitates discussion and education about safer spaces for the music community at large
  • Listens and responds to the needs of the community
  • Helps create a music community where everyone can feel welcome, respected, and free to participate

Wait, what’s a “safer space”?

  • We use the term “safer space” to recognize that different people may need different things to feel safe, so it can be hard to make recommendations that cover everyone’s needs
  • The term safer space also recognizes that we all mess up sometimes, but we can still learn from our mistakes and work together to create safer spaces for us all

Who is SASS for?

  • SASS is for everyone!